Panasonic or LG lithium battery
BOSCH the high-performance
wheel-hub motors
1490W ultra-strong power
128N.m Maximum torque

iTank Special Dual Front Wheel

Different roads bring about different experiences.

We re-define the structure. The dual front wheel will not only bring you unprecedented experience, but also make you pay attention to its internal performance except for the additional wheel and looking in the eyes. The driving will also bring more pleasure due to the additional wheel.

Stability (safety)

three-point touchdown stable road feeling

The traditional dual-wheel locomotive is considered as a kind of unstable structure because it applies the dual-point touchdown structure, as a result, the locomotive is likely to suffer from sideslips and rollovers during emergency brake, steering and potholes roads, accordingly, the driver is subject to the safety risks.

However, iTank, the intelligent dual-wheel locomotive, which is produced by Doohan, has solved the safety problems in structure, in details, the intelligent and stable supporting system considers the rear wheel as vertex to form the stable three-legged structure with the dual front wheels. In such case, iTank can steadily support on the road and head off the danger regardless of large-angle bending, or the brake in emergency circumstances.

Thanks to the lateral bracing of dual front wheels, iTank will not stand in awe before stairs because the perpendicular throw of dual front wheels reaches up to 183mm, as a result, iTank will not suffer from sideslip and toppling when one wheel is on the stairs and the other wheel is on the road, therefore, the driver can easily cope with the underground garage and road curb. (Show a picture wherein the two wheels are not at the same horizontal level during going through stairs.)


The three-hydraulic disc brake system brings about the congenital brake advantages.

In consideration of the congenital brake advantages of duel front wheel structure and 80mm-120mm front-rear tire, the contact area between tire surface and ground is enlarged, moreover, the brake block of the special hydraulic disc brake system applies the high-strength manganese steel can comprehensively enhance the break performance, shorten brake distance and make driving more safe due to the front-rear three-disc hydraulic transmission devices.

iTank Power system

The strong kernel can generate strong power.

We are not unambiguous for the power supply, such as, we apply batteries which are produced by Pansonic/LG, and motors which are manufactured by BOSCH, the motor expert with a history of one hundred years, therefore, the battery can make accurate collaboration with motor to enhance the controlling and driving feelings of iTank due to the automobile-level FOC motor vector control unit.


Hundreds years of BOSCH and hundreds years of power

We customize the high-performance wheel-hub motors from Germany BOSCH, the motor manufacturing expert which ranks first in the world for hundreds of years. Due to the 128N•m powerful torque, it is easy to rapidly start driving the locomotive. Besides, nearly 90% ultra-high energy conversion rate can enhance torque, accurately adjust power output, reduce the abrasion and energy loss to about7%, as well as realize the extreme efficiency conversion for electric driving.

  • 1490W
  • ultra-strong power
  • 128N.m
  • Maximum torque
  • 12°
  • maximum climbing slope angle


Thanks to lithium, you can realize your dream.

Doohan Science and Technology entrusts Panasonic or LG, the international first-line brands, to provide traffic tools and large-scale equipment 3C dynamic-type 18650 lithium batteries for the dual front wheel intelligent locomotive, iTank, therein, every lithium battery capacity can reach up to 2,600mAh, therefore, the instant eruption of electric energy is three times the energy density of lead-acid battery to provide the rapidly speeding-up power security in an instant and easily support the continuous and high-power output of BOSCH motor. In such case, the breathtaking iTank can reach the same level with Tesla with more powerful current output and longer service life.

  • Panasonic or LG
  • first-line brands lithium battery
  • 3times
  • energy density(Compared with the lead-acid pool )
  • dynamic-type
  • dynamic-type lithium batteries

The high capacity is contained
in the small figure.

Moreover, the weak people can easily screw up the Itank lithium battery because its weight is only 9KG. After opening the battery cover, the battery will pop up slightly. You can easily take out iTank battery for recharging anytime and anywhere.

We have put on six-layer armors for the battery to protect battery and you.

Based on the higher requirements for dynamical battery, Doohan and France FPS (Forsee Power Solution) Company have jointly developed the peculiar PACK technology, which will pack and reinforce each battery cell after scientific calculation and analysis of temperature, heat dissipation, waterproof, anti-collision and many other aspects, ensuring safe and stable output in extreme conditions. Install BMS lithium battery system based on independent development which can offer lithium battery safety protection related to overcurrent, over-charge, over-discharge, constant temperature, equalization and short circuit.

Over-discharge protection
overcharge protection
temperature protection
overcurrent protection
battery equalization
short circuit protection

FOC electronic control system.

Vehicle-like electronic control system accurately adjusts your accelerator

The controller of traditional electric vehicle simulates signals, fails to well coordinate with throttle twist grip, and the user will find manipulation problems such as too fierce starting and weak acceleration which seriously influence the safety of users' driving .

Doohan's intelligent locomotive iTank with dual front wheels adopts FOC vector controller with sinusoid output signal, and the acceleration signal of throttle twist grip can be conveyed to motor instantaneously which can greatly increase accelerated stability and driving safety, the accelerator handling feeling of accurate conditioning with confortable damping is provided, and the "impulsive style" power export of traditional square wave controller is changed, and starting and acceleration becomes stable which greatly improves acceleration stability and driving safety and brings you more confident manipulation experience.

Advanced techniques of iTank

Get refined internally and externally and integrate intelligent driving

Fuse industrial aesthetics and humanistic concern into muscle lines of the locomotive, what attracts you is not only its appearance, but also the confortable riding experience, when you ride on iTank, you will be filled with admiration due to its passion.

Aviation-level wrought aluminium suspension

Light motorcycle structure perfectly shows violence aesthetics

The front suspension system is made of integrated aviation wrought aluminium alloy and Anodic Oxidation tectorial membrane technology, being coriaceous, light and indurative, which improves the bearing and anti-collision performance to a brand new level.

Process of spraying paint

Automobile-grade metallic paint spraying and the detail is also very delicate

iTank is coated with automobile-level metallic paint which has higher hardness and is wear resistant and uneasy to be scratched.
The film is firm and tenacious with strong adhesive force, UV protection, outstanding anti-corrosion, etc.
When completely improving the service life and self-cleaning ability of coating,
the sense of beauty of each locomotive detail can be delicately displayed.


High-performance international tire can ensure stable travelling

Tires from international brands CHENG SHIN and MAXXIS with scientific pattern design render the motorcycle perfect road holding performance, mute performance and water drainage performance. The cycle can hold the road and move forward even on slippery, wet, muddy and even ice surfaces, which ensures stable traveling all the time.

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